For All The Places You’ll Go


Weekend !! The word triggers excitement in everyone’s mind, doesn’t it? Well, it certainly does in me (*wicked smile*), especially after weeks of hustle bustle and stressful sleepless nights. The solution: A relaxing weekend with my family is all that was required to keep the stress astray. Now where else, than in a place like Lavasa, can one find peace? With beautiful surroundings complemented by mountains and lakes, the city certainly is my favorite weekend getaway.

Weekends are the days I get to be MYSELF. I do not have to scurry out of bed or dress formally to work! I get to wear whatever I want! And that’s what I love the most… Being ME!! While planing my outfit for the much-needed trip to Lavasa, I had to keep in mind the weather and the journey. Besides that, it had to be something that fits into my comfort zone, is stylish and most importantly, that defines ME.


To my luck, in my closet, I found exactly what I had in my mind – a pair of loose drop crotch pants and a crop top ! Thankfully, when it comes to comfortable yet trendy clothing, my closet has never disappointed me :D. A common misconception that most fall prey to – a loose top paired with a loose bottom makes one look heavy and disrupts the body shape. A small fashion tip: Style always depends on how you carry it. My highly recommended suggestion….. TRY IT!! šŸ˜‰


Bag is my most important accessory that I carry everywhere. Do you prefer carrying your phone, wallet, keys and other essentials in your hand? Well, I like to keep my hands free and use it to fly šŸ˜‰ For this trip, I carried my Aldo handbag which can also be used as a clutch. It’s black, lightweight and best to carry minimal items.

As I’m dressing up for an outing, and I’m not up for too many accessories, I wear a peach strapped Aldo watch. There you go, the look is complete!


A pair of ill-fitting shoes is the last thing I want on my trip.I prefer to slip into my colorful Toms to stroll comfortably.


Since weekends are about going outdoors with your loved ones, choose the right accessories that’ll save you from the sun. Say hello to my Jane Norman aviators! šŸ˜€


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