Dreams and Ivory


Vero Moda’s new collection, ‘Marquee’, by Karan Johar is all what a girl could ask for. Simple, pretty and classy, that is how I define the collection.

This subtle beige top, from Marquee, is unquestionably my new favorite! Mix it with a simple pair of black leggings and the result is an elegant flawless look. Looks smart right!

Needless to say, a pair of black leggings is a must-have in a girl’s wardrobe. If you do not possess this quintessential mind blowing awesome pair, GO GRAB ONE! 😛 Trust me, it is worth every single penny! Slip into it and watch how it magically accentuates your figure and casts a sexy look. Not exaggerating at all! 😉


My main mantra : Accessorize! It completes your look! For this look, I wore a gold necklace to jazz up the simple shirt. Though I am not a huge fan of earrings, but I could not take my eyes off these beauties! I picked them up while street shopping in Colaba  and I cannot stop experimenting with it.


Evidently, as seen in my previous posts :P, I LOVE Aldo! This beautiful brown leather structured bag effortlessly binds the whole outfit.


A formal or a fun night out with friends; the alluring look suits every occasion. Team it with a pair of comfortable heels and voila! – you are set to have a great night out!

Photos – Prameet Singh

Top – Vero Moda

Leggings – H&M

Bag – Aldo

Heels – Bershka


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